"A Leader takes people where they would never go on their own."                                                                                             Hans Finzel

****I just finished the first life class with my Mastermind #GoalSister Shavannah Moore, and I am blown away! It takes a lot for me to be blown away, so this is not a random, superficial plug. This will change your life forever. I know, bold statement, but it's true. 
— Kisa Puckett

****I’m ALL in and playing full out!!! Some of the things that have shifted and happened in the last week have been phenomenal!

— K Elle Jones 

****Shavannah, is such a beautiful spirit. Once I read and heard her story, I knew that I wanted her to be one of my panelists for an event I was hosting. She's an inspiration and a living testament that you are not what happened to you or where you come from. She's beautiful, articulate, driven and determined. She's a wonderful mom and an extraordinary wife. She empowers women to be the best version of themselves while encouraging them to keep the spice in their life.  

— Melissa Magazine

​****One thing I love about Shavannah Speaks Moore and the team is how there is so much unity! As a long time business associate and volunteer for  Mrs. Moore and many of her organizations, I have found that her ambition and willingness to lead goes above and beyond!  Most of all, she's consistent and motivational. She teaches women how to be their best selves and how to live our best lives, while creating a sisterhood among all backgrounds, which is simply phenomenal!  

—Chanette Sparks 

**** Mrs. Moore, 
Thank you for having myself and my brand Chloe & Isabel. This evening has been amazing and inspirational to rebuild my confidence after a year of depression. Thank you for your Movement.  

—xoxo Aiesha Taylor


Shavannah Speaks Moore is a portrait of resilience and grace. The Entrepreneur, Speaker, Life Coach and Master Corporate Trainer’s goal is to empower women & Leaders to become ALL that they desire.

As a woman who has experienced many hardships in life including but not limited to poverty, molestation & depression, Shavannah has not allowed these obstacles to hold her back. Instead, she has used them as catalysts to push herself forward. She has broken boundaries & challenged the status quo of what society deemed possible. This stellar media mogul will soon be gracing our television screens with her new show, Limitless Living with Shavannah Speaks Moore on CBS, which teaches viewers how to overcome life's obstacles and live their dreams!

 Shavannah has been featured on The Rachael Ray Show, Dr.Oz Show, Amazon Prime, CBS, WRAL's Tarheel Talk, G105, Power 95.5, Women's Radio Network and so many more media outlets around the World.

She has worked with Top Influences who have appeared on The OWN Network, Tyler Perry, Food Network & NBC. 

She has transformed her own personal and professional life by embracing her calling to teach, coach, heal & LEAD on Purpose.
 Through her Personal Development and Lifestyle company and her non profit, One Big Heart Corporation Shavannah will continue to change the lives of many women & families around the Nation one Leader at a time!!! 

To work w/ Shavannah: