"Anyone can excel in life no matter where they come from."

                                                                                                                                                           Shavannah Moore

 Entrepreneur*Mentor* empowerment Speaker*Personal Chef* Author


Shavannah Moore was born on May 4th in Durham, North Carolina. When she was three years old, her mother took her to live with her grandmother, who was a role model and positive influence in her small town as a habitual giver to the community. Shavannah’s most memorable moments with her grandmother was her love for cooking and serving in the community. As a quick study, Moore adopted the characteristics of her grandmother, which would serve a valuable purpose in her adult life. At the age of thirteen, she relocated to live with her mother and sibling in Raleigh, North Carolina. The lifestyle was new for Moore who went from living in a small family centered country town, to a larger city and in poverty conditions. She began to feel a sense of loneliness, while heading down a road of destruction. Moore gained a sense of independence with her mother by taking on the role of a caregiver to her little sister, which included daily cooking and household responsibilities.

She always had a sense of entrepreneurship as a young girl and experienced being a part of an all-girls singing group, which failed to thrive due to lack of commitment from the group members. However, as Moore matured, she continued to reach for the stars by working a variety of odd jobs and conducting home based businesses to obtain income. She hit a severe hardship after becoming with child and encountering homelessness.  As Moore reached out for assistance from her local community advocacy, she noticed that help was scarce. Her local community lacked resources for families that were struggling, even while employed.

Moore developed significantly in her youth years due to several downfalls. While headed down the wrong path, she had an epiphany that caused her to re-evaluate who she was within and what her calling was in her life. Moore began to surround herself with positive and success driven professionals that were not associated with her current lifestyle. She began to rebuild herself by adjusting herself mentally and physically.

Career 2011–Present: SeRentai’s Catering, Diva’s In the Kitchen and One Big Heart

Moore was an avid chef in her youth and adult years. Cooking was one of the many activities that always made her feel good inside and she began to expand on her craft through recipe experimenting. Always feeding others, she gathered mentors in her journey that cemented the new lineup of beginning a “food for the soul” catering company. SeRentai’s Catering (2011), which put her on a path to a women’s empowerment event and cooking show, Divas in the Kitchen (2013). Women all over the globe began to request for the show to attend their local communities. Taken from the SeRentai’s Catering parent company, Divas in the Kitchen became its own entity and formed as an LLC. The company itself has conducted several live cooking segments and has been booked to service states such as Maryland, North Carolina, and Georgia. Along with Moore’s commercial success, she knew there was more work that had to be completed beyond the fun and glamorous lifestyle of being a Chef Diva and launched, One Big Heart Corporation(2013); a 501©(3) organization that is poverty geared for families in need of the basic necessitates in life. The organization was heightened due to Moore’s past struggles of affording clothing and food in her times of need. She felt as though there was no one to turn to for help and vowed to make a change by providing a service that delivered to those who were trying their best to survive. The organization also provides mentoring programs to schools and assist families and individuals in obtaining the tools and resources they need to find a lucrative career. Birthed through this Organization, Moore has become a full time highly sought after  Empowerment Speaker who speaks to Women Globally about how to not just look back at where you come from, but to reach back and LEAD. She believes that we are all Leaders within, however it’s up to you to tap into your power, embrace your journey & Soar like the Leader you are.

Throughout a career spanning of only 5 years, Moore has held a variety of promotional appearances and events that have attributed to her success. She had successfully managed over 7 Divas in the Kitchen cooking segments, donated to over 150 families in need through her nonprofit, Spoke at a number of schools & Universities and has been honored on over 15 media outlets.

Personal life: Moore began dating her husband in 2009. They married in 2011, after planning an intimate wedding with family and friends. Together and from previous relationships they have five children combined, two girls and three boys.

Influences: Moore has cited that her biggest influence is Oprah Winfrey. She stated that “she values her past life of hardship and how she has overcome the obstacles that she induced through her family and career endurances. Moore is also a fan of musical influences Sade Adu and says that “her voice is angelic and her style is unique & incomparable”.

Public image: Moore has developed herself as an influential figure and role model in her community and in surrounding communities. She has established herself as a success story by overcoming a life of molestation in her childhood years that led to promiscuity, while also developing a lack of financial control as she aged. Moore anticipates to move forward diligently in helping women understand their worth, while enhancing aspects that each can relate to in areas such as beauty, intimacy, and everyday lifestyles. Moore states that “food should be wherever you go, which is why I incorporate it in bonding activities.” Moore’s Company/ Organization focus on providing classes, seminars, events and general bookings that help them reach people all over the world.