Divas in the kitchen, LLC


"Every great Leader was a dreamer"

Founded in early 2013, Shavannah Moore had a vision that escalated from her catering company, "SeRentai’s Catering". Women began to request intimate catering dishes for special events such as cupcakes and candies designed as lips, sexy styled catering décor’. Moore Began to see that there was a need for women to feel sexy and confident and that many of their requests were gathered around lavishing meals with girl talk. In the Fall of September 2013, Moore held her first Divas In the Kitchen Live cooking event with celebrity guest, Chef Jerome Brown. The event was such a hit that the 2nd came shortly after a few months later and was even bigger than the 1st.

Diva’s In the Kitchen LLC is here to teach women all over the world how to wine, dine and relax while learning to cook with style. An evening with Diva’s In the Kitchen is commenced with a wide array of entertainment. Find out moreHERE​