One Big Heart Corporation

"Every great Leader was a dreamer"

Shavannah Moore founded One Big Heart Corporation in 2013 when the economy began to spiral out of control for families to supply themselves with the basic necessities to live healthy and stable lifestyles.

Moore could compassionately relate to the circumstances that many families were going through due to her own past of trials and tribulations that she had faced in her life.  Families were struggling to purchase food, clothing, and were in severe need of additional
assistance for help. Upon being overcome by the “enough is enough” feeling, she knew it was time to make a change. A bigger change that excelled beyond her own community. As a young girl, Mrs. Moore always had the passion to help people and knew that she had grown and flourished enough to help others in their times of need.  One Big Heart was created to offer those extra set of hands that we all need sometimes. The organization partners with different organizations all across the world. Select services are available worldwide. Visit OBH