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Shavannah Moore, also known as Shavannah Speaks Moore strives to Empower and Inspire Women Globally through her Personal Development & Lifestyle company Divas in the kitchen, LLC.

Moore remembers all too well the highs and lows of growing up in a small country town in North Carolina. Coming from a world of poverty, being sexually abused, and a high school drop-out who was told she would never amount to anything, Shavannah managed to break free and live out her purpose. 

After accomplishing everything society said she could never be, Shavannah found herself BROKEN even in the mist of success, and couldn’t understand why. This sent her on a spiritual journey towards discovering a deeper passion to serve humanity beyond where she was. During this time she discovered that through her level of gratitude & journaling she was able to not only enhance her lifestyle but to also CREATE a platform to provide a way out for many others who have experienced the same thing. Shavannah has set out on a mission to KILL the status quo for every young minority mother & woman who was ever told that she would NEVER amount anything beyond where she was at the time. 

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In this Level Up  Like A Boss course you will:

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*Learn how to start your business (if you dont already have one)
*Learn how to attract your target audience

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